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If you love learning French and/or Spanish, believe that frequent practice is the key to improvement and would rather read stories than vocabulary lists, LanguageComics is perfect for you.

Stories come with written and audio translations in English. All episodes are school friendly (no drugs, alcohol or graphic content) and also perfect for you, the independent learner.

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Behind the stories

Andy is a French native speaker, a French teacher and he is also fluent in Spanish. He combined his passion for teaching, storytelling, drawing, languages and video editing to create Languagecomics.com in 2011. He started writing stories for his high school students to compensate for the unfortunate scarcity of age-appropriate reading material. Today, students around the world enjoy reading and accelerating their learning with his material.

Andy currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, where he offers language related services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the membership work?
After you acquire a membership, log in and enjoy the ever-growing library of fun comics. Read at your leisure and learn new vocabulary with every episode.

2. How often do you post new episodes?
A new episode of each series is posted every other week; for example, “Pol Flor” on week A and “Lahna’s Breaking News” on week B. Patience is a virtue. A week interval is also enough time for you to process your newly acquired vocabulary and find opportunities to use it.

3. What languages are offered?
French and Spanish.

4. Can I acquire a membership for more than one language?
Absolutely, >> select your plan here.

5. What if I become a member and LanguageComics is not a good fit for my needs?
Send us a quick email and your paying subscription will be canceled within 24 hours. Easy.